Power Flushing

What is power flushing?

Simply, power flushing is the process of cleaning a central heating system.

We use of a purposely designed low pressure high velocity circulation pump and a powerful magnetic filter. (See pictures of magnet filter in action below)

How its done

The pump is connected to the central heating system at a suitable radiator or the flow pump housing. There is no need to remove the radiators. So it means minimum disruption.The Process takes about 4 to 8 Hours. (depending on  size of the system).

This picture shows the amount of rusty metal (iron oxide) picked up by the magnet during the flushing of the1st radiator


This picture shows the cleaned magnetic pole (rod) being replaced back into the filter.


The magnetic pole being removed for cleaning after the 2nd radiator flush. You can clearly see the black coloured rusty metal deposits that it has attracted once again.

The process is repeated until all radiators are clean. During the process chemicals are used to help dislodge scale and sludge, this then is neutralised before it is dumped and system filled with clean fresh water. Once water is at the correct pH value the system is then restored to normal working condition and inhibitor added to protect the system from corrosion. Your radiators are then bled and balanced to ensure even heat output to all radiators.

Some reasons why you may need it done:


The benefits:

So why use us?

We promise to do the job correctly, treat your home with the respect it deserves, guarantee our work and not talk you into having work done that doesn’t need doing.

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